Key aspects

The basic principle

  1. First, a patient undergoes CT scans with the preinstalled Medgital registration frame. This is necessary to further bind the hologram to the patient.
  2. Next, according to CT data, the doctor performs segmentation (selection) of the necessary anatomy elements for visualization in mixed reality glasses. In addition he adjusts the method of binding the hologram to the patient.
  3. After that, the doctor marks the access point and additional landmarks for further navigation.
  4. In the beginning of the operation, the sterilized registration frame is installed on the patient again. The mixed reality glasses are put on the surgeon and finally, according to the hologram, he performs the procedure.


  • Real time volumetric model reconstruction from the DICOM data
  • Setting the binding method of
    holograms to the patient’s head
  • Highlighting the key
    anatomical areas
  • Wireless data transmission
    to the mixed reality glasses

Technology in action

Malignant brain tumor surgery
National Medical Research Center. V.A. Almazova
Neck cyst removal
Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg

Patents and scientific publications

RF patent for invention No. 2754288
A method of preparing and performing head surgery using mixed reality from 08/31/2021.
Priority of invention from 06.10.
Utility model patent No. 202367
A marker holder for mixed reality head surgery.
Priority from 06.10.
Certificate of state registration of a computer program No. 2021613930
Program for visualization of anatomical structures in the form of holograms and their positioning in space.
Intraoperative Use of Mixed Reality Technology in Median Neck and Branchial Cyst Excision
Published in  Future internet journal (Q2)
Designing an Adjustable Head Frame for Surgery Using Mixed Reality Technology Hololens 2
Published in Biomedical journal
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